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Multi Surface Cleaner 946ml-Fragrance Free

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Effectively clean the dirt on the surface of any objects that your baby may touch, such as dining tables and chairs, cribs, cabinets, timber floors,
Marble countertops, etc. Natural pure plant formula, free of toxins, pollutants, corrosive or any harmful chemical ingredients,
Let the baby's activity space be more free.
Turn the nozzle to "spray" to spray, and then wipe the surface of the object with a clean cloth or paper towel.
Plant-based cleaning ingredients (natural surfactants such as coconut, palm kernel, corn, sugar, etc.), soy ester, filtered water,
Water quality regulator, preservative (less than 0.05)
Please store at room temperature and dry place


  • Suitable for cleaning the surface of various household items, baby tables and chairs, toys, etc.
    * Completely eliminate all kinds of bacteria
    * Using pure natural plant materials, the formula contains soy extract and palm seed oil
    * Absolutely safe for babies, pets and the environment
    * Does not contain toxins, pollutants, corrosive substances or volatile organic compounds
    * There is no need to pass water, just sip it, safe and reliable
    * No fragrance
    * made in America


Product Code   BG-010067

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