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BASILIC color four-layer milk powder box

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-Independent exits on each floor

-Dish-shaped base does not block milk powder crumbs

-Milk powder, light and easy to carry~

-No need to replace the milk powder box up and down, with a drum-shaped appearance design, you can easily pour out the milk powder by opening the cover, which is light and easy to carry~

-Material: upper cover/box body PP (heat resistance -20~120 degrees c), box plug PE (heat resistance -10~60 degrees c)

-Does not contain bisphenol A, safe and non-toxic
Quantity: 1 in
Capacity: Each layer of milk powder box can hold about 320ml of milk powder (four layers in total)
Dimensions: diameter 8 x height 20 cm
Origin: Taiwan

**The color of the goods will be distributed randomly


Product number: D016

(The color of the goods will be distributed randomly)